Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Finally got some pictures

I sent my XTR hubs into Stans and had them lace up a set of 347's. I used a 3X patternwith 2.0/1.5 guage spokes on the front wheel and 2.0/1.7 on the rear. So the front wheel is a little lighter and the rear will be able to take some abuse.

Okay so it's not in full color but I think it looks cool this way. It's basically all XTR with an XT free hub, bottom bracket and cassette. She weighs exactly 25 pounds on the nose as pictured....including the pedals, 2 bottle cages and computer.

It's a 2003 Kona King Kikapu. Over the past two years I have replaced or modified everything on the bike wth the exception of the seat post and saddle.

. . . And did it's a 1 X9 . . .

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