Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just hit me today that I haven't checked on the Monkey in a while.

Back from vacation and feeling refreshed. Of course the kids are sick again but that is expected when you travel during cold and flu season.

Less than 4 weeks until the opening race and the trails are still a mess. I am anxiously waiting to get out on the trails and spin my new ZTR Olympic wheels. Other new additions this off season were a new 960 XTR rear derailluer, exact replacement to what I was using, and a Felt flat bar. Of course I recabled the rear d and got a new chain as well. Only thing I have left is to make the move to a 34T front ring. I plan to race the Ponitac TT with a 32T but I need to pick up a 34T for the Stage Race in June.

My coach just picked up a 2007 Felt F75 real cheap last week, old stock but a solid ride. He's not a real coach but he's been with me since my training days before my first season of riding. He doesn't mtb much but he helps me get off my butt and put miles in. He's a hell of a motivational speaker. Anyway, I am jealous of his new bike. It's a sweet looking ride and my team colors. I am trying to squeeze one more year out of my road bike. I spent some unplanned money this winter on the new wheels for the race bike, a fluid trainer....and a trip to Floirda for the family. All were needed so no regrets. The family and I had a great time and it was fun taking my kids to Disney. They are at that perfect age where their eyes light up at the smallest things and the world seems endless.

I'll see if I can get some picks of the race bike on here before I dirty it all up. Seems posting pick of your ride is the thing to do.

Keep your head up and yout tires down.


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  1. Sweet. I always know what my monkey is doing.... Pics! Pics! Pics! BTW check out the comment I left in Jason's blog.... YOUR NEXT!