Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One for the kids

What a beautiful day for racing.....so I saw. Even after Sue asked me again if I wanted to race the Time Trial at Stony Creek this past weekend I again declined. Sunday the 27th was the annual day I take my son Ashton to race for his special race day. Sure he comes to my races, watches me race and then gets to race himself. But this is the second year in a row we go just for him...the whole day is his day and he is the center of attention. This way my pre race, race and post race don't cut into his ride time. Even my 2 year old daughter Abigail was there to support Ashton.

Man did he do great. When the announcer asked which kids wanted to do 2 laps Asthon stepped his bike up to the front of the line. What a race! Ashton and many of the other kids had pre road the course like 15 times....no joke. So when it came time to race they had all the turns memorized and they were ready to roll. The first wave of racers we the 2 loop riders. My son Ashton and John Osgood's son Noland (Team Sandbag) were among that race. The two of them rode a fantastic race and got their medals and fruit snacks at the finish line.

Mike's son Zak and his nephew Brendon raced the second wave with the 1 loop kids. Man did they rip it up out there in true Time Trial fashion. All the kids were out of breath and ready for thier medals and snacks at the finish. This was one of the biggest turn outs I have ever seen for the Specialized Kid's Races that are held at all the Tailwind events. It was great to see so many kids and parents there to show what the future of our sport will be like. I don't have any pix from this race but I will post some of the kid's past races soon.

Oh yeah, and the adults raced to:

Scotty - 58:48 - 5th place
Mike - 59:53 - 15th place
Darlene - 2:01:03 - 13th place
Gerry - 58:14 - 11th place (fastest team time of the day)
Jeff - 1:25:22 - 16th (broke his peal in the first few miles)
Joey - 2:41:12 - Yes folks, Joey did the adult course. Way to go!!!

This weekend we'll be covering two events. Jeff and Heather will continue their hunt in the points race by going to Big M for more race action in the Expert and Elite Classes this Sunday. Dawn, Brian and Aryn plan to race locally at the Novi Tree Farm Relay this Saturday.

So check back next week to see how everyone did.

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  1. Sweet write up dude! And what a great idea. I will be sure to share this with Nolan. ANd show him the great picture! Thanks a lot!