Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Storming the Fort

Sadly only two of our crew made the trip for the Time Trial at Fort Custer last weekend. But Gerry and Heather managed to con someone into joining our team. They even had a jersey for her to wear. Who is this girl? All I know is her name is Kathryn Junes and she kicked butt in the Sport Women 25-39 Class. She placed 3rd out of 7 with a time of 1:23:17. Yep, she knows how to collect the hardware. Welcome to the team Kathryn!!! I keep telling everyone we have some fast chics and Kathryn can back up my smack talk so she's okay by me.

Next up, our featherweight favorite, Hollywood Patterson. It was business as usual for Heather in the Women's Expert/Elite Category. Go to the race, kick some ass, beat half the men out there and then have a chicken sausage. Heather took second, losing first by 0.908 seconds (yes that decimal is in the right place). Her finish time was 1:12:06.393 and Chenoah's time was 1:12:05.485. The two of them smoked the rest of the class by 4 minutes. With that second place tho Heather finished the TT series 4th overall which is great in my opinion for her first year in Expert/Elite. Great job Hollywood!!!

For our Captain it was business as unusual in Sport 40-49. He decided to race his Giant with the new Stans Crow tires that he had only tested once earlier in the week. I am not going to argue with him..I built a bike the night prior to the Tree Farm Relay and raced it untested. Sometimes you just need to go with your gut right? Well Captain Terror went with his gut feeling before the race and mounted the wheels with the Crow tires.....while downing a ham sandwich and a beer (his new pre-race ritual) Well the combination of birds, pigs and brew seem to work for our highly undecorated leader. He handed out a good old fashion butt whoopin' to his class - 1st out of 10 -with a time of 1:09:08.866!!! Lets all give him a pat on the back net time we see him. Great work Captain!!! I'd also like to point out he beat a Team Active racer by over 10 seconds. For those who don't know the Fort is Team Active's home course. (But don't tell them the Fort is the Capatin's home away from home)

So that's 3 riders and 3 medals. We may have not have sent the entire calvary out to the Fort for battle but the ones who showed up were riders who could get the job done and step up to the podium. Again, welcome Kathryn and great job the 3 Musketeers who braved the Fort.

Also like to give a shout out to Joey "The Kid" Patterson. I heard he ripped it up out there on the kids course for the Specialized Kid's Race. Hopefully I will be able to get Ashton out to Pontiac and Stony so Joey can have some team company at the starting line.

This week the team moves back east for the Matybury TT on Saturday and the Pontiac XC on Sunday. Unfortuntaely I will not be able to attend either of these but I'll be ready to recap come next week. So as always, check back to see how we faired.

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  1. Aryn, great write up. You guys did kick butt. Way to go. Based on how I have seen your team gel and have fun this year, I expect your membership to grow and for you guys to put up even better results next year. See you all at Stony!