Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Tracks for the Tank

After a few days of cooling off about wrecking my rear wheel on the pavement of all places I am better now. I did some discount shopping on the clearance rack at Etheric North (Brian's basement) and walked away with a used set of 717's laced to XT hubs. Attached was an used XT cassette and an XT rotor on the rear wheel and Avid on the front. And, not done yet, a set of Kenda Nevegals set up with Stans rim strips and already running tubeless. Yep, a complete wheelset and I didn't have to spin a single wrench. Brian has 3 bikes and 4 sets of wheels. He said he really didn't need them anymore. I was just going to borrow them but then thought it'd be nice to have another set laying around for times like this week.

So while I sit and figure out what to do with my other wheelset I have these to roll around on for the rest of the season. I am at peace once again.

I did make a change a couple weeks ago I never mentioned. I sold my XTR crankset/bb and bought a Truvativ Stylo 1.1 to put on the Kona. It looks nice, all black with a touch of chrome, and now I have Truvativ SS cranks on both my mtbs so I can swap rings when needed.

The Triple Trail Challenge is going on this weekend, rescheduled due to weather. I hope to make it out there even if I am the only one.

As far as the racing scene goes Russ along with his family and Heather and Gerry plan to do their first CX event this Saturday. Jeff and Brian will be at Addsion Sunday for another XC race. Good luck to all and I hope to hear good news Monday morning.

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