Thursday, January 1, 2009

Starting the year

Well the New Year is finally here. Been a while since I have posted anything. Life got really busy and my riding and training had to take a back seat. In fact it was farther back than the back seat, more like in the trunk. I parted out my race bike, sold most everything off my single speed so I really don't even have a mountain bike right now. I still have my road bike along with the fluid trainer but it has only seen about 100 miles in the past 2 months. Those who know me know I usually bust off well over 100 miles a week normally.

Most people know that Sue and I are having another baby in about 4-5 weeks. Because of that I have decided to not race the 2009 season. Plus, over the past few months I have really started to enjoy more of a trick/stunt riding style on mountain bikes and bmx. I recently picked up a used bmx and have been tooling around on it. In fact just last week I took my son Ashton to the new indoor ramp park that just opened up in Royal Oak. We had a blast. However, I am not sure I belong on 20" wheels. So now I am looking to build a 26" wheeled jump bike to use next summer at places like the Stony Creek Skills Park. Ashton and I went there last fall before it got to cold and I had more fun there than I have had in a long time on a bike. I plan to keep rolling on my bmx until I get that new jump bike built. I already started looking for frames.

As for trail riding in 2009 I hope to get out now and then but not sure how much it will happen. I really enjoy riding with Ashton and with the new baby it'll be hard to jump in the car and ride across town to the trails. When I get me time I'll probably just do my road routes on the Felt which I enjoy. This may finally be the year I get a new road bike. I am way overdue seeing as mine has over 10,000 miles on it.

The big thing this Spring will be if Ashton decides to race bmx. They have a track at Waterford Oaks and they run races every other weekend. If he does I can see myself trying a race or two to see what it is all about. If Ashton does decide to race bmx he'll need more ride time himself so I can see myself doing urban rides with him and Abigail a few times a week to strengthen his legs.

2009 is going to open a lot different that the past few years have. Usually at this time I am already 1000 miles into my off season training and focused on the first few races of the new year. It feels funny not being on the bikes as much but my body feels well rested since I haven't really worked it hard in two months. I plan to get back in a routine so I don't lose my legs completely but I'm sure it will be only half the weekly hours I normally ride. Last year I hit 6,000 miles and that's my biggest total ever. Since I started logging miles 4 years ago I have ridden over 16,000 miles.......that's crazy to me.

So I am ready to go into the New Year and roll with what comes. Looking forward to having a fun laid back year without stressing the big races. But don't think I am done racing forever. I still have a few races I want to compete in after this year. It'll just take some time to build myself up to the condition I will need to be in. So to all my friends and racing foes, keep doing what you are doing and know that when you least expect it I'll be back at the starting line looking to get back to that podium. I'm not retiring......I'm refueling.

Keep your head up and your tires down.


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  1. Happy New year bro! I'm sure you'll enjoy the BMX track. From what I've seen, the racing is intense! I'll be keeping an eye out for you at the starting line. XC or will it be CX?...

    - Jason