Monday, April 20, 2009

And they're off!!!

Okay, it was really only one. From the sounds of it the team will be small this year but strong. A few racers like myself are taking a leave of absence from the team this year to deal with other things outside the race circuit. Sometimes you need to step back and make adult decisions even if it means not racing for a year.

So Jeff was the lone Signoutfitter to race this weekend on the trails. He made the trip across state with some of the Team Frasier gang to save on gas. His field was pretty packed. New this year was Expert and Elite did two laps at the Yankee TT instead of one.

Like always Jeff never gloats about himself or dives into every detail of his race. He seemed happy with his results finishing 9th out of 36 with a time of 1:43:55. This race is more difficult because a lot of west siders ride there a lot and we only travel to that trail to race it. We interviewed him this morning and this is what he had to say:

"The trail was fun and fast. Rain was just a light mist, not much of factor at all. Considering the fore casted weather it turned out to be a great day."

Nice work Jeff. Next weekend he will be clipping in for two laps at the Pontiac Lake TT which is the first race in the Tailwinds XC series. Jeff knows this trail well and it plays to his strengths being there is a lot of elevation and he is a great climber.

Tim Storm, long time friend of the team who now races for Team Fraiser, made the trip out to the west side as well over the weekend. He did his very first Expert race and decided to go geared instead of SS. He finished 25th in a field of 39 with one trip over the bars but still finished in at 1:51:33. He is glad he moved up to Expert because a 52 minute lap won the Sport category he would have raced in and he believes he would have been able to match that given his first lap split was a 54. Personally I am glad to see him challenge himself and ride against a stronger field. Good luck this season Tim, you are going to do great.

Tune in next week as we follow Jeff Socia thru another weekend of pain and gain. Look for Hollywood Patterson, Brian "The Wrench" McCabe and Mike "Treeman" Keysear to show up and possibly flex a little muscle in their ranks as well.

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