Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rolling into the next decade

Gosh, not even sure if anyone even reads this anymore but me. Well this morning I actually completed my first 2 hour ride on the trainer since my last race back in August of 2009. My numbers weren't anything to brag about by at least I still had something in the legs to be able to go the distance.

This race season will be the most crazy one yet. For starters Jeff has discovered trail running and is doing a lot more of that than riding. He says he plans to only enter a couple 100 mile mtb races this year. XC racing is over for him. He's basically burnt out with it and beleive me I can relate.

I think Heather is planning to do more endurance racing as well and skip the XC stuff. I have said this same thing myself since the end of 2008. Always said that when I come back it'll be in the Endurance Series. I am sure Brian and Mike will follow suit. The Captain has also expressed intrest in relaying thru the endurance series so it looks like the team is heading in a new direction and looking to take on some new things. Also, I am sure once Dawn gets wind of this she'll want in on the chaos as well.

So here's to looking at 2010. There is training to be done and bikes that need to be built.



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  1. I stop by once in awhile to see you have any thing to say!

    Good luck to all the Team whatever is they decide to do this year!