Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Short Term Memory

I feel like I have finally settled into a routine for getting my weekly miles in. It's the middle of June and I feel I have finally made some progress in my power gains. Still a ways out of where I wanted to be right now but I am done beating the dead horse about that topic.

The road miles have been racking up on the training log. It seems to be the only way I can squeeze in my rides. My race bike has sat in the basement hanging from the ceiling since I brought it home from the 12 Hours of Stony. I keep saying I am going to do some trail rides duing the week before work but it is so much easier to just get the Felt down and hit the pavement.

I promised myself that I would not force the miles this year and I have done a good job of sticking to that. The 'balance' in 2010 is much different than it was in 2008. I like the direction the team is going with the endurace racing and at this point I have no time table of when or if I will return to the XC scene. It seems that everytime I put a date down on paper of when I want to get back to hardcore racing, something comes up and I have to take a month off the bikes.

This past weekend tho, Ashton and I got out for a few hours to go to the Tree Farm and help out with the annual Freeride clinic. It's a fun event where we introduce obstacles to a group of newbies. We try and teach proper riding technique and encourage them to try some new stuff to increase their confidence on the trail. To some people it could look simple and easy but to others it can be down right scary. Here's a link to some pix that were taken at the event:


June is a busy month so no races planned. Come July tho there will be more action so check back for updates.

Keep the grips and tires stciky......it's climbing time!


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