Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Great Balls of Fire

Man was that hot. Two weeks in Florida with the family and it was in the 90's all but one day we were there. Day we went to Magic Kingdon it was 95..... I sweat more that day than at the last 60 mile Stony Marathon I did. Thank god for Under Armor. Wore a sleeveless one under my t-shirt and it helped keep me cool-uh-cooler than I would have been without it.

Well the 5th month of 2011 has started and I am close to all the goals I set for myself to hit by the time we went on vacation. Best part is I came back from vacation under 170 pounds......not sure how I managed that considering how I ate while I was down there.

While I was gone I missed some good races. The Pontiac TT, Yankee TT and Custer Stampede are all in the books for 2011. My boys Lako-Moto and Dubs had some great results while Chunk and "Tigerblood" Evans seemed satisfied with thier results. And the word on the street is that Ox is practicing for the annual Oreo Cookie stacking contest.

Hopefully the steady Spring Showers will let up soon because the skinny tire bike wants off the fluid trainer and I am ready to get the Schwalbes dirty again especially since they seem to finally be holding air now.


  1. That is the same set-up I have, but I stuck with the black rims because they are lighter! ;)

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  3. Tigerblood? Is that me or someone else? lol.

  4. That's your new nickname Sean....Tigerblood Evans!