Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Burchfield Time Trial

Well I had this big, long, me gloating about me, boring to everyone but me write up done about this race I did back on October 1st. Seriously it was REALLY long. It described a lot of the trail sections in detail but after thinking about it Brian and I drove all the way out there to race that trail with out ever even riding it before so why should I give anyone more of an edge than I had if they are even remotely thinking about going out there next year. Sure Dubs sent us a VERY descriptive email laying out the trail meter by meter, short of sending up a virtual topo map. But really even if I had a month to study that email there was no way I'd remmber all that come race day. Plus there were others out there racing that had never been there before. So not only am I being selfish for Brian and me, I am being selfish for the others I know who went there blind....thus my pictures only showing the easy sections of the trail.

So my personal recap is as follows:

1 - It was frikin' cold when we got to the race. 36 degrees on October 1st.
2 - Met many cool people before the race and signed up for Men's A (highest division they had listed)
3 - Scoped out some of the course while warming up.
4 - Still frickin' cold at start time, 10:00am.
5 - Course was killer with a little bit of everything.
6 - Rode a clean race to the finish with litle to no mistakes.
7 - Still cold after the race and quickly layered back up.
8 - Won some cool stuff int he silent auction and warmed up by the fire
9 - Found out I had won 1st place in the Men's A division and was feeling pretty good about myself.
10 - 5 minutes later found out I didn't set the fastest time of the day. Ends up some high school kid from Brighton smoked my time by a full 3 minutes. Props to the young ripper. Solid time!
11 - Packed up camp and loaded the car.
12 - Still frickin' cold outside.

Still went home happy with my fancy trophy medal wooden ninja star thing.

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