Monday, May 12, 2008

Month #5

Another Monday closer to constant warmer weather. This back and forth stuff is getting old. But I'm sure when it's 90+ and the humidity is thru the roof we'll be beggin' for cooler air.

Brian "The Professor" McCabe is back in action after a little pause in the action. Rode with him last Friday and let me tell you how good it was to see him back in the saddle. The season doesn't feel the same when he's not around. He's the one that got me into this stuff and I know a few felt the team was a bit empty without him around at the races. Welcome back bro!

This weekend.....big happenings. Hollywood, Terror and Scotty are heading west to Fort Custer for the Xterra Tri. It's like a triathlon but the running and cycling are done on the trails instead of the road. It'll be the team's first appearance in one of these events so I anxious to hear about how their day goes. Of course I'll recap it next week.

Tank and U-Dog are heading north on Saturday for the 6-12 Hours of Addison. Should be a good event. This will b Jeff's first run at an endurance event outside the normal marathon races but I believe Dawn has done some of these before.

So come on back early next week for the write up. I'll do my best to get some pictures this time for those of you who get bored with all my blabing.

Off to bed, OLPD's tomorrow morning. Last tough ride before I start to taper for the weekend.. .. .. yep, if the weather holds up I'll be at the Starting line Saturday morning for the 6 hour event.


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