Wednesday, May 7, 2008

100% Whole Wheat

That's right folks, this site will be good for you. I'm hear to keep you regular.

"Dude, your team roster looks kinda small. What gives?" Well, ya'all are right. It's been a slow start to the season. So slow that Jeff is nearing his fourth race weekend and has yet to be photographed in the new uniform. He's got one last chance to sport the new drabs or I am going to rename him ReRun. For the rest of you, in order to get on the 2008 Team Roster part of this page you actually need to race some time in 2008.

So check back, check often because I plan to get the fire lit under this season. We can't let Jeff and Heather get all the team press. Let's gear it up people and go!

In closing, I have a quick Mike update. He's doing better and may actually go to work tomorrow. Hopefully we'll see him back in the two wheeled world soon. Rest up Endoboy!


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