Monday, May 5, 2008

Storming the Fort

The team took to the trail for the 4th weekend of racing this season. I didn't race but I thought I'd still do a recap. The venue was Fort Custer, widely known for it's Big 3 - Cardiac Climb, CPR and DOA. It's a 9 mile loop with some tech sections, some fast flats and the above mentioned category climbs. Elites do 4 loops, Expert 3, Sport 2 and Beginner 1.

We'll start with Aunt Darlene....I still don't have a nickname for her. (Free used chain lube to the best entry) This was her first actual XC race since doing the First Time Racer at Addison last year. Problem with Beginner women is the spread in age. She had no choice but to do the 30 year and over class. However, she still managed to beat up on a girl 15 years younger than her. Way to go Darlene! Doing a 1:11:14 your first race at Custer is great and I don't think there are any laws against putting the smack down on a girl that young in racing on the left coast.

While we are on the topic of fast women, let's talk about Hollywood. About an hour before her race she decided to take Terror's hardtail Giant for a spin. When she came back she said she was racing it. And race it she did! Hippy Chic here blasted thru 3 loops at a blistering time of 2:14:19 to claim 6th place in her field of Expert/Elite women. She was out there running with the big guns on a fast course and held her ground well. She actually finished 10 minutes sooner than I had predicted on Friday. She has this thing for liking to prove me wrong. Nice riding there Tex.

Let's keep on the subject of Terror's Giant. Much to my surprise he actually raced it, I think I owe Jeff money now. After me racing it at Bloomer last week and Hippie Chic racing it I think he wanted to feel for himself how fast his own bike actually was. Well he seemed to like it and he's walking around the office without his usual limp so I think he's hooked on the speed. Gerry fought his way to the top 50% of his class and finished with another solid 7th place this year in a time of 1:24:27. He was only 2 seconds out of 6th! He said the traffic was thick and if he would have went for the pass he would have caused another wreck. Yes, I said another wreck.

Keeping with my clever segways lets talk about Jeff and his Giant. It's like this course was designed specifically for him and his bike. Tank rode at break neck speeds for his Expert Class and came across the finish line 3rd out of 20 racers! Rumor has it that his chain never left the big chain ring the entire 3 loops, 1:52:32.....Damn that's fast........After he finished unleashing his wrath on the Expert field he went and got his other bike to try his hand again in the Expert/Elite Single Speed category. Yes folks, he decide to order desert and go out for 2 more laps of pain 30 minutes after finishing his first race with only one gear option. And guess what, he podiumed at 5th place out of 14 riders with a time of 1:17:45. Well done Jeff. Glad your on my team out there.

Well I am out of crafty ways to tie in my paragraphs and I still have one person left to brag about, Mike. He made his 2008 XC opener Fort Custer. Altho his end result didn't result in the resulted way he had planned it he still walked away with a good story to tell his grandkids and scare his own kids with. Front wheel issues plagued him his first loop. By the second loop he was off and moving to make up lost time. To make it short there was a secion of the trail where an Expert rider had broken his collar bone and Mike didn't want him to have all the Crash Press so he tried to one up him and Superman-ed over his bars. What goes up must come down and down hard he came. The word on the street is that Mike looks like he got into a bar fight and lost. Mike roughed it out tho and finished the race refusing to DNF. Shows how hard core he is!

That's the racing weekend in review. Mothers Day this coming weekend so there are no races scheduled. Tune in Monday the 19th for another edition of my bad grammer and spelling errors as I cover the 6-12 hours of Addison and the Xterra Tri happening on May 17th and 18th.

Until then this is Aryn saying, "Keep you head up, tires down and face off the ground."

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  1. Not my smoothest race, but I was happy to ride away most of me in tack. After driving home, I realized my injury was worse than I originally thought. I suffered a tear on the inside of my mouth where the chin is connected to the gum. My real adventure started with the Oakwood ER. Apparently they suffered one of the busiest nights on record and almost had to shut down. I arrived at 6:30 PM and finally gave up at 4:00 AM. I returned at noon the next day and finally returned home 24 hours later with 6 stitches.