Friday, February 25, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

So ends February of 2011. I know, we have 3 more days left but Monday starts the next stage of training. I was planning on doing my last ride of the period tonight but I don't think my body is not going to let me. I may just lay on the couch tonight and going into a Coma for 8 hours. I think my body needs it. Let's review the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

- Miles and ride times are up for the month. A little shy of where I wanted to be but still over the minimum so I am pleased with my progress.

- Managed to test the waters on a couple morning rides. By April I'd like to be doing all my rides in the morning to make the transition for the warmer weather. I like riding in the morning much better because then i can go about the rest of my day without worrying whether or not I will have time to ride. I have done this in years past with positive results.

- Lost another 3 pounds this month. Down to 171 lbs. Plan was to lose 10 pounds by April and I am down 9 for the year so far. I am at a very respectable weight that I could stay at for the season and not complain about carrying extra baggage on the trail. Again, I have been lighter but I don't have little noodle arms anymore and a roadie chest. Only issue is that the European Race Cut Team Kit is a little tight around the arms and shoulders.

- Still need new brakes for the bike for this season. I really have to decide soon so I can get the bike ready for the season. I could be riding outside as early as April so i need to get my sh!t together.

- Tires aren't holding air very well. The Schwalbes Racing Ralphs are awesome tires but I can't seem to get them to seal up. Have put so much sealant in them I might as well be running tubes to save weight. I am open to suggestions on this. If I can't get them to seal up soon I may make the switch to Kenda Karamas. I am not crazy about the tread pattern but I have heard nothing but good reviews from fellow riders on the Karamas.

- I am sick. Been popping Halls all morning and am on my second round of Dayquil. There goes my 120 min ride tonight. Plan to rest today and tomorrow and maybe by Sunday I will be ale to saddle up.

- My car is still covered in salt. After this morning's snow fall we have had the second snowiest February in Detroit history since they started charting it. Five more years until I buy a snow blower. Promised myself I wouldn't get one until after I turn 40.

So bring on March and the intervals that come with it. Monday starts my 6 Weeks of Pain program (Disclaimer: It's actually 7 weeks long. 3 weeks of pain, rest week and then 3 more weeks of pain) then after that it's TWO WEEKS in Florida with the family for some much needed R&R and when we get back the riding/race season will be in full swing.....which reminds me, it may be time to shave the beard.

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  1. I also run RaRas. I do lose a couple PSI in between rides, but I don't think that is what issue you are having.