Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Where'd who go?!"

What's up with all the changes you ask? Well, the tires on Team are completely flat. So we are moving into 2011 with a clean plate. No official team or club name. No official team kits, or stickers, socks, towels, beer holder things....or all the snazzy swag that came with being part of the team back in it's hey day...or is it hay day...or hay dey?

Anyway, the names you see on the right are the ones you'll see at the endurance races this year. So who knows what colors we will be wearing, if we will even match or if we'll even bother to brush our teeth or comb our hair before we show up.

What matters is that we are still planning to compete as an unofficial team to keep the roots alive. So we'll see you all out there this season.....even tho it will be harder pick us out of the crowd. Just give us a better chance to sneak up on our opponents from behind....MU HA HA HA HA!!!

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