Monday, April 4, 2011

Raining but at least it's getting warmer

Well the first quarter of the year is over already. Training was going great until I got food poisoning last week which forced me to take 6 days off the bike. Seems I am the only person on the planet that can get sick fromeating hashbrowns. Can't ride if I can't eat. That really cut into my build period seeing as I am going on a 2 week vacation in less than 2 weeks and every session counts right now. But hey, no one is paying me to do this so I don't sweat it. Plus I just got an email last week that will force me to miss the 12 Hours of Stony which was going to open the race season for me. That leaves me with all of May to train now since there is nothing else on the schdule that catches my eye.

Actually, after looking at the race schedule a little closer I may not be at a starting line until late June or early July now. I hope to take Ashton to a couple races before then so he can do the Beginner 11 and Under. The plan is to get him to the starting line once a month. He is really excited about it and has already asked me when his training starts. We are targeting the Brighton Stage Race XC to be his first race. We'll see if we can get a ride or two in before then. It will be hard with the Florida trip being so close and most of the trails still being closed right now. If not then the fort Custer TT will open his season.

In less than two weeks and it will be 2 full weeks of no work for me and no school for the kids. Can't wait. Sunshine and swimming pools!

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